Sortierroboter Max-AI AQC-2

The future of sorting

Robots are an integral part of competitive production in industry.

The new MAX AI sorting robot from BHSt Bulk Handling Systems and NRT sets new standards for the recovery of recyclable materials.

  • Visual detection for the recovery of recyclable materials
  • faster than any human
  • round-the-clock operation
  • Separation of up to six different fractions
  • Clean separation without over-sorting
  • trainable to meet new requirements
  • Subsequent installation in existing plant possible
  • Increasing plant safety by avoiding human contact with contaminated waste

The MAX-AI sorting robot is ready for non-stop operation, ensuring sustained, consistent sorting performance and unsurpassed reliability of results.


Model: AQC – 1

Achievement of high purity and sorting depth by precise sorting
Identifiable materials:
PET bottles, thermoformed PET, HDPE clear and coloured, polypropylene (PP), mixed plastic compounds, aluminium, paper, cardboard, impurities, black plastics, Tetra Pak
Maximum "pick rate":
65 picks per minute
Maximum object size:
250 mm edge length
Maximum object weight:
0,5 kg
Number of fractions:
up to 6 different fractions
Conveyor belt width:
Up to 1600 mm

This robot technology guarantees you safety, quality and efficiency.

Wsorting robot Max-AI AQC-2
Waste sorting with the sorting robot Max-AI AQC-2

RobotertechnologieThrough artificial intelligence (AI), the Max sorting robot learns and thinks and makes independent decisions for an optimised sorting process.
YouTube AQC2 Sorting News
The Max-AI AQC identifies and sorts valuable materials with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

YouTube AQC2 Sorting News
Paper sorting with the Max-AI AQC-C

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