k3i-cycling KI

Research project k3i-cycling AI

How can artificial intelligence (AI) help to reduce mountains of waste? How can you help keep important resources in the loop? The funding measure "AI application hub plastic packaging - sustainable circular economy through artificial intelligence" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is dedicated to these questions.

Disposal technology BAVARIA GmbH is a partner company of the research project k3i-cycling AI-supported optimization of the recycling - here especially the sorting - of plastic packaging. Various sensory information along the material flow is recorded and processed as data.

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MaxPosCam – your plant navigation system

constant, fast, smooth, unadulterated, fully automatic

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State-of-the-art waste paper sorting plant for Loacker, Götzis, overflows the set goals

In April of this year, BAVARIA GmbH was commissioned to build a new waste paper sorting plant for Loacker in Götzis.

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Planet Tree Trees in German Forests

Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH plants trees in German state forests together with Planet Tree.

Through CO₂ compensation, every tree makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.



Life Assistenz System:
The data glasses

Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH offers a modern life assistance system for its customers.

These so-called Smartglasses are wearable mini-computers, which transmit information into the user's field of vision in the form of glasses. These glasses provide life images for support and offer free-hand communication in premium quality.

The customer is able to contact technicians at any time and can be immediately supported and guided with expert knowledge. No matter where he is. The glasses are used as a remote maintenance tool and as digital assistance in the area of assembly work and maintenance as well as in the field of quality management.

The use of Bavaria data glasses not only speeds up certain work processes, but also increases their efficiency. The user can access the required information at any time and receives life assistance for the necessary activities.

Especially in the field of maintenance, the data glasses offer the possibility to support employees with step-by-step instructions without having to interrupt their work. The Life Assistance system thus offers elementary advantages in terms of speed, flawlessness and usability thanks to the possibility of hands-free operation. Communication is easily done via MS Teams.

This means that we are able to provide seamless support to our clients … not only at times of Corona.



23rd International bvse Waste Paper Day

Managing Director Thomas Braun in an interview with Angela Hanke, Managing Director Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA GmbH

Optimised sorting results despite declining recovered paper composition thanks to intelligent MAX-POS process optimisation and deinking recovery.

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Waste paper in the right hands:

The new sorting plant by Koppitz Entsorgungs (disposal) GmbH was set into operation in the beginning of 2020. With an assembly time of solely 8 weeks we built the whole plant. The overall project phase from planning to initial commissioning took round about a half year. This incredible achievement was made possible by the excellent cooperation of all participants.

With over 200.000 tonns per year sorting of deinking-material Koppitz belongs to one of the biggest waste-paper-sortingplant-operators in Europe.

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Entsorgungstechnik Bavaria GmbH at the Hightech Summit Bavaria 2020 in Garching

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Palm Papers sets new standards for paper sorting in England

In September 2019, the new fully automatic paper sorting system, built by Entsorgungstechnik BAVARIA, was inaugurated.

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Duparec LVP

New film about the LVP

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ROWE Nürnberg, increases sorting results with intelligent plant control

Highest efficiency and quality in paper sorting thanks to new sorting technology and MAX-POS process optimization system at ROWE

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How about more deinking output?

Technical paper on the subject of recovered paper quality

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Recycling of Nespresso coffee capsules

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The way of the waste paper

Technical paper on the subject of waste paper recycling

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Events and Fairs



 June 04 - 05, 2024 - bvse Alttextiltag Dresden


 June 11 - 12, 2024 - bvse Altkunststofftag Dresden


 June 20 - 22, 2024 - VÖEB annual meeting Kals


 October 11 - 12, 2024 - VBS annual meeting Nuremberg


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